Our History

  • 1975


    The company “Sonia Partecipazioni” started up by entering the market with an innovative concept as a wholesaler of paper packaging items. This was the beginning of a new era in event invitations.

  • 1995


    Ingrid, a member of the second generation, joined the company to take on the family business. Backed by her ideas and passion for innovation, the company's offerings expanded with the addition of the party favours department and packaging accessories product line.

  • 2012


    It was again because of Ingrid and her revolutionary and innovative vision that the department handling the planning and realization of events, both large and small, came into being. Her hugely wide experience built up over so many years and dedicated to the events sector as a whole was crucial in this respect.

“The key to our growth and success over the years has been the passion and love that we have always put into our work. Without these special skills, we would never have achieved the results we have over our 40 years in business.

Right from the company's foundation, we have been putting our efforts and determination to good use every day by transforming it into expertise - which means we can be proud of our superb level of professionalism and competence both in the wholesale distribution of invitations, party favours and furnishing accessories, and that of scenographic outfitting.

Our team consists of a cadre of experienced wedding planners, floral design experts and scenographers who, in synergy with the Sonia Partecipazioni division, plan and realize unique and unforgettable events that are tailored to meet our clients' expectations and requirements.

All this has enabled us to become market-leader for events and celebrations of all kinds, both private or corporate: from the initial conceptualization in the consulting phase to the final result - the huge success of the event itself. We are truly proud that we have now become the benchmark throughout Sicily.”